Friday, 30 December 2011


Empower Network – How Do I Make Money

empower networkThe Empower Network is one of the most simple ways you will ever make money in your whole life, short of people just giving it to you.

Once you make money this easy, you will never want to return to your day job again. You are going to be absolutely amazed at the simplicity of this system. You, just like many of our team members, are going to want to do everything you can to be ever increasing your new monthly. Financial security and making money this easy is going to change your life, forever. This is your 1, 2, 3 step system to success, no joke!
Step One – Blog
You will want to take a few minutes each day and make a new post on your blog. Don’t worry if you gave never done this before, its so easy, anyone can do it. Also rest assured, our team will work with you to help you find a topic you are comfortable with. This will help you to be more at ease with your blogging. This is going to be your very own blog where you can talk about anything you’d like. You can even use this new blog to promote other products or services you may be associated with. There is even a handy dandy little tool on the side of your blog to help you along the way. This tool will tell you various things to add to your blog posts to make them even more powerful and rank even better in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Step Two – Share
Start sharing your blog and your blog posts. This can be done is a large number of ways. Tell your friends about your blog or even your blogs posts, tell your family, tell your sports team members, tell everyone! Do you have a facebook account? Then tell all of your facebook contacts. Go crazy, go wild and tell the world! Our team will work with you and show you even more ways to share your content.
Step Three – Earn
This is one of the best steps of all, start earning money. You can earn money every day, ever month, from here on out and forever! When ever anyone joins empower network through you, you are going to start making money.. every month!

How Is The Main Empower Network Company Making Money

This is the genius of the whole system, they are making money the very exact same way as you.

Each and every person in the empower network is making money the same way. No matter where you fit in, you have the same money making deal as everyone else, even the company founders and leaders. How great is that? No more working hard every day to line some other person’s  pockets with money. Here is a short video that briefly explains how the empower network commission system works.

How awesome is that? Do you see how amazingly simple this is? There is nothing else like this in the market right now. No other program comes even close to empower network. You are going to become part of a movement of people who are helping each others to succeed, not only financially, but also helping everyone to become better, happier people. The empower network has vastly raised the bar and you have the chance, right now, to become part of this. We here at the empower network are making history, breaking records and changing people’s lives  everyday, so why not you?

Join Empower Network Now

Stop waiting around for something better to come along, empower network is right here! You are not going to find anything more simple, rewarding and easy to use than empower network.
Stop struggling to pay your bills or feeling bad that you cannot give your family what you feel they deserve, you can change all of that, right now, with the empower network.
  • Say YES, to financial freedom.
  • Say YES, to cutting stress down in your life.
  • Say YES, to starting your own home business.
  • Say YES, to being your own boss.
  • Say YES, right now to changing your life forever.
Say YES, right now and join our empower network team and get started today!
I’ll see you, on the inside!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3

I want you right now, to forget everything you have heard or read about empower network and right here and right now, read the facts about the system and then, and only then, decide whether or not empower network is the best choice for you.

What Is Empower Network

empower networkSimply put, Empower Network is a popular and powerful blogging network that you can get for $25.

However, that truly does not reach anywhere close, to explaining the true benefits and powerhouse of a system that is Empower network. The Empower network is so many things all rolled into one. It would be almost impossible to describe what empower network really is, is just one sentence.
Empower Network Is…
  • A powerful blogging system.
  • A SEO-a-fied website.
  • An out of the box money making system.
  • A ready to roll, online, home based business.
  • A mailing list generation tool.
  • A lead generation tool.
  • A complete training course in marketing, blogging and so much more.
  • An unmatched profit system.
This in only a small fraction of what the empower network is. Continue reading to learn more about the system that is literally, going to change your life, forever.

How Do I Get Started With Empower Network

empower networkTo get the maximum results from the empower network system, you need to get everything that is offered to you.

First let me say that you can either simply use the empower network products to better your current business or just to blog if that is what you choose. However, if you want to change your life and make some real money each and every month from now on, you will want to take full advantage of everything that empower network has to offer. As they say, “Go big or go home!”. So with this in mind, let me explain to you how to get the absolute most, from the system and generate a substantial, reoccurring monthly income.

Join our empower network team.

By joining our empower network team, you are going to be getting much more “bang for your buck” if you will. Our team is dedicated to helping every single member find financial success. You will have access to resources and tools that are not available to people outside of our team. You are going to have access to our empower network team chat that is available 24/7 to provide you with support, suggestions and guidance. You can join our team right now by clicking          don’t worry, clicking the link will open a new window so you will not lose your place here.

Purchase Everything.

If you are serious about making a large amount of money, you need to buy all of the products. This system is built on strong ethics, one of which is you should never try to sell anything that you yourself are not willing to buy. Therefore, you can only collect commissions on the products that you have bought. These products are also going to give you some priceless training that is going to show you exactly, what you need to do to start earning 15k, per month!

Set Up Your PayPal Business Account.

Now that you are going to be making money, you need to have somewhere to get paid. We must send your money somewhere. Our team members all use PayPal and we have had nothing but success with it.  You must attach a bank account so that you are able to withdraw your money and send it straight to your bank account.

Get Skype and Connect With The Team.

You will now want to go to click here and signup and download Skype. This is the system that our team uses to stay in touch with each other and also where we host our 24/7 chat room to provide support to you. Skype is free to get and free to use, you do not need a webcam or a mobile phone. Once you have Skype downloaded you need to add to your contacts stcfxdanni this will connect you to me and I will then connect you with our whole empower network team. You will now be able to access all our secrets!

Join Empower Network Now

Stop waiting around for something better to come along, empower network is right here! You are not going to find anything more simple, rewarding and easy to use than empower network.
Stop struggling to pay your bills or feeling bad that you cannot give your family what you feel they deserve, you can change all of that, right now, with the empower network.
  • Say YES, to financial freedom.
  • Say YES, to cutting stress down in your life.
  • Say YES, to starting your own home business.
  • Say YES, to being your own boss.
  • Say YES, right now to changing your life forever.
Say YES, right now and join our empower network team and get started today!
I’ll see you, on the inside!
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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


WARNING: you read this email, you may find yourself having the irresistible desire to join now...

...because Empower Network just paid out over
2 MILLION Dollars...

Direct to it's member's bank accounts

in only 56 days!

We crossed 2 MILLION Right
After I posted that image.

(Let me show you the current one...)

In case you are wondering, that has NEVER
happened before so quickly.

Even the best companies (
before Empower Network)
took 1 to 3 years to do that.

We did it in 56 stinkin' days!


Because this isn't about crazy launches

where only the "Gurus" make money.

* Gurus are cool, too :)

, the Empower Network isn't built for
the gurus - this is about a solid business where
the folks who never made money are making it.

And not just a few bucks here or there.

I am talking more people making over $10,000

in just 56 days than has ever been seen.

I am talking about Grandmas making money

for the first time...

I am talking about Pastors making money with NO list...

I am talking about people getting money so quickly

that they almost pee their pants...

I am talking about cancer patients making enough
money to pay for their meds...

I am talking about people just like YOU making money!

I am pumped!

I am excited!

I am
bouncing off the walls.

Not because you just helped me pay people
just like you over $2,000,000...

...because I have a TEAM of people just like

you who are making it.

Finally making it.

YOU can make it too
1. Watch This and See Undeniable PROOF!

2. Get Started Here

We are strong...

We are powerful...

We are determined...

We are dedicated to the PEOPLE...

We Are The Empower Network

We built this for YOU.

Take it... it's YOURS

David Wood

Empower Network Co Founder

P.S. We are doing a LIVE call tonight at 9pm EST
with Empower Network Founding Members:

Call in here at 9pm EST tonight:

Secret Number:
(712) - 432 - 0900
Secret Code: 113543#

P.S. Obviously, not EVERYONE is making money
here. A lot of people are, a lot of them aren't.

See our full income disclosure HERE.

The real reason why some people don't make
money, is actually pretty simple - in addition
to just buying stuff...'ve got to work, too.


If that rules you out - I'd definitely
encourage you to not join immediately


It's as easy as that!
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Saturday, 17 December 2011


Would you ever have thought that this Christmas would deliver you the opportunity to step up your entrepreneurial game in a way that changes everything?
It's amazing how a movement can come out of nowhere in the matter of a couple weeks, affect the lives of thousands in a positive way.
Has your child left school and found any work?
Are they going to or already in college?
Empower your child and their future this Christmas and get them signed to Empower Network. Let’s face it you have been investing for years in all their gizmo’s, gadgets, Pay Pal accounts, top notch phones and computers. So why not actually let them now show off their true potential and give them an opportunity that will set them up for life.
Your kids have been Blogging for years they are part of Facebook- My Space - Twitter - MSN you name all the social media networking sites and they have been there and got the "T" Shirt.
Empower Network has caught the attention of those trapped in a time freedom prison in the corporate world, the professional, the labourer, people from all walks of life and backgrounds and those who have never really ventured out of their box to take a chance on something.
I really do not think the owners of Empower Network, David Wood and David Sharpe, never in their wildest thoughts imaged when they launched October 31st that in less than 4 weeks actually 46 days, they would experience the following:
12,000 Affiliates
Pay out over $1,000,000 = £643900 in 100% commissions to those affiliates
Trending Alexa as the 1 hot topic
Be getting 1.6 million page views a day (sometimes making that higher than
Sky-rocketing in the search engine rankings
People rushing to join
So what’s going on?
Why so popular?
What’s the big deal?
The big deal is this.
Empower Network is a program that everyone can work within to make money online.
Empower Network offers a great product line.
Empower Network allows anyone to get started for just $25 =£16
Empower Network pays out 100% commissions deposited directly into the bank accounts of affiliates
Empower Network has a unique commission model encouraging support from other members.
It’s changing the way we make money online to include everyone from all backgrounds and experience and budgets to participate and the message is spreading like wildfire.
-Why join the rest when you can be up there with the Best-

A subscription is nothing new to your child you have done it for years for them to magazines, comics, adopt animals, nature and they learnt through it now think wise and give them the opportunity of a lifetime.

Click here and sign up for the most sensible plan you could ever make for your child and give them the perfect Christmas gift that has no box to restrict them in.

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Welcome to Empower Network
This is the hottest Affiliate Marketing program on the planet at the moment. Founders David Wood and David Sharpe stumbled across this method October 2011 and it is flying not only because everything is done and set up for you but their concept that this Internet marketing is for anyone of any level on a computer. Be that you only wish to earn pin money so’s to speak, top up your wage or turn it into big business it is your choice.
This is not a
“Get rich Fast Scheme” this is like any other job and the level of effort you put in is dependent on your results. You are been give a platform  like a finely tuned "Porches"...All you need to do is drive it.
So why pay
$25 = £16 a month? You are paying for the use of Empower Networks name – Servers – Search Engines- Back linking – SEO -training and so much more. You receive a ready made system all singing and dancing ready to go.
So what do you do?
  You write on your blog everyday keeping your blog on the top of the biggest world search engines your blog’s content is entirely up to you any subject or topic that interests you if you have a website or other blogs you can link them to this promoting what you already do driving traffic to your site for more business courtesy of been on the top search engines. Utilise Facebook - Twitter - My Space - Free Advertising countrywide it really is that simple. It is something we have all been doing for years now this is giving you the know how on how to make the money like the above sites that is why they are free for us to use it is the affiliate market that pays for them.
Is this for you?
 I have already made my $25 = £16 in the first 3 days of joining so now I run this programme free.  I spend 3 hrs. each day to blogging and marketing that is it. I now have a strong team I am driven motivated and very positive if this is not you then I can assure you you will also run this programme free but will only earn pin money.
What am I selling?
Nothing I am offering you the chance  to join a strong network of people working the  Affiliate Market  with a ready made system, that pays you directly into your Pay Pal 100% commission all with the same thoughts and ideas as you to make money.
Will it cost you more than $25 = £16 month?
No, everything I use is free on the net from advertising, networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, My Space other affiliate marketing sites (click ads).
About me:
  I have 2 children and live in Ryde on the Isle of Wight. I have no computer skills other than Facebook and Google but I had worked out that affiliate marketing is the way forward to achieving a better lifestyle I have spent the last 2 months trawling Google to basically suss out how to do this. I established I needed a blog or website (blog I had no idea what that was) then it all got very intricate and way too sophisticated for me with search engines, html codes, urls, RSS codes back linking, drivers oh my nightmare began, I looked for web designers and to achieve what I was looking for was in the price range £950 as high as £2,000. I would then need to pay a yearly fee for a domain name and a separate marketing programme to drive traffic at £29.00 per month.  I know the affiliate Marketing is a very easy way to access potentially lots of money very fast but I did need everything in place one evening whilst trawling through the site for web designers I came across the empower network this was the complete system with everything I was buying separately for $25 a month so then no doubt like you I sat and looked for the catches every day for 2 weeks the more I researched  I could not find them so I joined and still now a member there are no catches  and my 3hrs each day pays me very well. I am improving slightly on my computer skills and as part of my team can give you access to many free options available to market this is simply you make money I make money it is in no-one’s best interest to just leave you sat wondering.

I would love to welcome you to my team if you have a positive open mind, some drive motivation and ambition to want to improve your life. I am here making money it is in my best interest that you make money this is a team not solo artists.
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Sunday, 11 December 2011


Empower Network with David Wood David Wood and Dave Sharpe, affectionately known as Dave and Dave, have moved blogging into the next generation.  This is like the iPod but even better because you don’t make money with your iPod.  Okay maybe you do, but not like this.

You can blog about anything you want but you don’t have to go through all the hassle and set up of creating your own blog!  If anyone knows what a tedious process it is, it’s me.  I created my own blog from scratch.  I am glad I did it, don’t get me wrong.

David Wood and Dave Sharpe took Empower Network to a higher level
But Dave and Dave have got this thing blogging/making money thing down to a science.  This is a game changer. Wait, no, it’s a whole new game. They started Empower Network only two short weeks ago.  The figures have been steadily growing in ever area – paid members, paid out commissions and awesome Alexa Rankings.  Some say Alexa Ranking doesn’t matter, but in this case, it shows how fast this thing has grown.

Just this past Saturday, the rankings were as follows:
Alexa Traffic Rank: 11,240 United States Flag Traffic Rank in US: 893
link-icon Sites Linking In: 120
Here it is today, only three days later:
Alexa Traffic Rank: 8,339 United States Flag Traffic Rank in US: 680
link-icon Sites Linking In: 120
That’s some freaking good traffic!

Empower Network takes about a half hour to set up if that.  I don’t recall exactly how long because I was do other things as I was setting it up.  But I know it was so simple that a fifth grader could do it.
What’s the big deal?

Well it’s more than blogging.  You can earn 100% commission and that rocks!  Stop earning wussy commissions if you’re an internet marketer.  You’ve got to love 100% commissions.   And there paid right away.  None of the waiting bull.
Look at these figures (are you sitting down!!?!?!)
•As of last Saturday, there was $614,449.20 paid out!
•As of today, $720,474.20 paid out  Check this out:
I give Empower Network an A+ for thinking of everything, for the ease of setting up your own blog (or lack of sett up – because there is barely anything to do), taking care of its members and rocking this thing out all over the internet in two weeks.

Not only did the founders, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe, think of everything, but they thought of it to empower all of the members with a with a virtually hassle free sales process.  The results speaking LOUD AND CLEAR.

This is incredible. It’s making money gone wild! They’ve hit the ball out of 5 ballparks!
But what can David Wood and Empower Network do for you?
Empower Network is was created to empower the entrepreneur.


To often, out of pocket money is spent by network marketers and internet marketers to market their products.  So if you are a network marketer, how does earning more money upfront sound so that you will have money to then market your business from.  David Wood shows how to do this.
And, if you are an internet marketer or network marketer, a cool byproduct of all this is a leads list. That’s right, you are going to generate leads and the list is yours!
So stop earning wussy commissions and watch these two guys in watch this video show you how right now!
Do you want to be EMPOWERED?  C’mon then and watch the video
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The System
The Empower Network is a viral blog & marketing system, pitched at beginners but definitely also for the more advanced marketers among us.  The Empower Network System gives you a blog, complete with graphics, banners and marketing that is ‘ready to go’.  Site itself has been around for a while meaning the content you add will rank highly within the search engines quickly.  With the added benefit of allowing you to optimise your site further for SEO, adding backlinks and all the affiliate links you desire.
With no restriction on what you blog about, you can easily build your system around your primary business, affiliate products and more.

The Empower Network Training
Once inside the system you will get an 8 part training series that goes over the 8 core elements to ensure you are on the fast track to success to make your first 100%.  As well as this every Monday evening there is an Empower Hour that will give you the knowledge to help you build your network and commissions and let you know about new products that you can promote.  You can even bring your prospects along and watch all the recorded empower hours if you can ‘t be on the call.

The Empower Network Sales Funnels
Again just like the blog system, graphics and design. The Empower Network comes complete with ‘ready to go’ sales funnels, that have already been tested and proven to have the highest conversion rates so that you don’t have to waste your time and effort testing out your sales pages.
100% Commissions deposited straight into your bank account
Once set up you are free to blog about what ever you like.  You can customise your blog to reflect your primary business.  It’s a great additional way to grow your list and make BIG upfront commission to put money back into marketing your primary business.  It costs just $25= £16 to join and you only need one sign up to the system free