Sunday, 11 December 2011


OK... This picture is a little dramatic but the picture says it all.
After one week there are over 2000 people in Empower Network and over 300,000 has been deposited into folks bank accounts.
The affiliate commissions have been paid out at 100%
There have been folks who have never made a dime getting people to sign up....actually that is not true. The site has signed folks up.....on autopilot. The site does the selling, it is rather magical.....well that may not be true either. The magic if you will is the brilliant marketing talents of Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood. The concept and system has the internet marketing world red hot with excitement.
The reason why is that no matter what your marketing online, the odds are you just haven't made money online, especially if you are trying your hand at a network marketing business. This system allows you to get started today, blogging/informing your readers of whatever topics you wish. Make the content informative and when someone finds and reads it, they will likely take a look and the conversion rates of folks who actually do take a look are at 50% and 60% The numbers can work for you.
Instead of me going on and on about the many neat features, and absolute reasons you should be doing this....check out the videos and listen to Dave and Dave as they go over the whole system.
Heck if you click on the wild fire above you will be taken to see what the fuss is about.
don't be left behind. This is HOT

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