Sunday, 11 December 2011


Despite all the hype and fluff you are hearing all over the place about the Empower Network, you need to understand the power of what it can do for you.

This blogging system is climbing the Alexa rankings daily as folks sign up, it is growing exponentially. The blog posts you write will leapfrog over other peoples content in many instances.

 The Empower Network blog has around a hundred and twenty backlinks. This will help your content rankings a lot. Some of my articles enjoy page one, and in some cases the top 1-3 articles on the page. I did nothing special.
The power comes from the traffic that those articles will produce to my blogging system. The blogging system sells itself, and the content of the articles could be offering your reader a product or a separate business opportunity.
 A two for one punch if you will.
  Building websites I know how long it takes to get a site to have that much authority, it usually takes months, and a lot of extra work to go up in rankings and to get good backlinks. You can have this instantly with Empower Network

Another way to look at it is this. Imagine you have a product (the blogging system) and a business opportunity or say a popular ebook. Well you want to generate a sales force of 100 salesman. You train them one time and they go out and sell while you sleep. This is what you are doing. You write your post and forget about it. The post and the system are working for you. The system is helping to ensure your articles are ranking higher and getting more traffic. There is also training that can help you tweak and do more to generate higher traffic.
You simple blog daily or even more often, the size of your sales force depends on you.

The 100% Commissions, instant payments, awesome training products, and fantastic supportive culture of the Empower Network community is great, but worthless without the power of the system to deliver traffic and convert itself into sales.

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