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Empower Network with David Wood David Wood and Dave Sharpe, affectionately known as Dave and Dave, have moved blogging into the next generation.  This is like the iPod but even better because you don’t make money with your iPod.  Okay maybe you do, but not like this.

You can blog about anything you want but you don’t have to go through all the hassle and set up of creating your own blog!  If anyone knows what a tedious process it is, it’s me.  I created my own blog from scratch.  I am glad I did it, don’t get me wrong.

David Wood and Dave Sharpe took Empower Network to a higher level
But Dave and Dave have got this thing blogging/making money thing down to a science.  This is a game changer. Wait, no, it’s a whole new game. They started Empower Network only two short weeks ago.  The figures have been steadily growing in ever area – paid members, paid out commissions and awesome Alexa Rankings.  Some say Alexa Ranking doesn’t matter, but in this case, it shows how fast this thing has grown.

Just this past Saturday, the rankings were as follows:
Alexa Traffic Rank: 11,240 United States Flag Traffic Rank in US: 893
link-icon Sites Linking In: 120
Here it is today, only three days later:
Alexa Traffic Rank: 8,339 United States Flag Traffic Rank in US: 680
link-icon Sites Linking In: 120
That’s some freaking good traffic!

Empower Network takes about a half hour to set up if that.  I don’t recall exactly how long because I was do other things as I was setting it up.  But I know it was so simple that a fifth grader could do it.
What’s the big deal?

Well it’s more than blogging.  You can earn 100% commission and that rocks!  Stop earning wussy commissions if you’re an internet marketer.  You’ve got to love 100% commissions.   And there paid right away.  None of the waiting bull.
Look at these figures (are you sitting down!!?!?!)
•As of last Saturday, there was $614,449.20 paid out!
•As of today, $720,474.20 paid out  Check this out:
I give Empower Network an A+ for thinking of everything, for the ease of setting up your own blog (or lack of sett up – because there is barely anything to do), taking care of its members and rocking this thing out all over the internet in two weeks.

Not only did the founders, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe, think of everything, but they thought of it to empower all of the members with a with a virtually hassle free sales process.  The results speaking LOUD AND CLEAR.

This is incredible. It’s making money gone wild! They’ve hit the ball out of 5 ballparks!
But what can David Wood and Empower Network do for you?
Empower Network is was created to empower the entrepreneur.


To often, out of pocket money is spent by network marketers and internet marketers to market their products.  So if you are a network marketer, how does earning more money upfront sound so that you will have money to then market your business from.  David Wood shows how to do this.
And, if you are an internet marketer or network marketer, a cool byproduct of all this is a leads list. That’s right, you are going to generate leads and the list is yours!
So stop earning wussy commissions and watch these two guys in watch this video show you how right now!
Do you want to be EMPOWERED?  C’mon then and watch the video
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