Wednesday, 28 December 2011


WARNING: you read this email, you may find yourself having the irresistible desire to join now...

...because Empower Network just paid out over
2 MILLION Dollars...

Direct to it's member's bank accounts

in only 56 days!

We crossed 2 MILLION Right
After I posted that image.

(Let me show you the current one...)

In case you are wondering, that has NEVER
happened before so quickly.

Even the best companies (
before Empower Network)
took 1 to 3 years to do that.

We did it in 56 stinkin' days!


Because this isn't about crazy launches

where only the "Gurus" make money.

* Gurus are cool, too :)

, the Empower Network isn't built for
the gurus - this is about a solid business where
the folks who never made money are making it.

And not just a few bucks here or there.

I am talking more people making over $10,000

in just 56 days than has ever been seen.

I am talking about Grandmas making money

for the first time...

I am talking about Pastors making money with NO list...

I am talking about people getting money so quickly

that they almost pee their pants...

I am talking about cancer patients making enough
money to pay for their meds...

I am talking about people just like YOU making money!

I am pumped!

I am excited!

I am
bouncing off the walls.

Not because you just helped me pay people
just like you over $2,000,000...

...because I have a TEAM of people just like

you who are making it.

Finally making it.

YOU can make it too
1. Watch This and See Undeniable PROOF!

2. Get Started Here

We are strong...

We are powerful...

We are determined...

We are dedicated to the PEOPLE...

We Are The Empower Network

We built this for YOU.

Take it... it's YOURS

David Wood

Empower Network Co Founder

P.S. We are doing a LIVE call tonight at 9pm EST
with Empower Network Founding Members:

Call in here at 9pm EST tonight:

Secret Number:
(712) - 432 - 0900
Secret Code: 113543#

P.S. Obviously, not EVERYONE is making money
here. A lot of people are, a lot of them aren't.

See our full income disclosure HERE.

The real reason why some people don't make
money, is actually pretty simple - in addition
to just buying stuff...'ve got to work, too.


If that rules you out - I'd definitely
encourage you to not join immediately


It's as easy as that!
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