Sunday, 11 December 2011


The System
The Empower Network is a viral blog & marketing system, pitched at beginners but definitely also for the more advanced marketers among us.  The Empower Network System gives you a blog, complete with graphics, banners and marketing that is ‘ready to go’.  Site itself has been around for a while meaning the content you add will rank highly within the search engines quickly.  With the added benefit of allowing you to optimise your site further for SEO, adding backlinks and all the affiliate links you desire.
With no restriction on what you blog about, you can easily build your system around your primary business, affiliate products and more.

The Empower Network Training
Once inside the system you will get an 8 part training series that goes over the 8 core elements to ensure you are on the fast track to success to make your first 100%.  As well as this every Monday evening there is an Empower Hour that will give you the knowledge to help you build your network and commissions and let you know about new products that you can promote.  You can even bring your prospects along and watch all the recorded empower hours if you can ‘t be on the call.

The Empower Network Sales Funnels
Again just like the blog system, graphics and design. The Empower Network comes complete with ‘ready to go’ sales funnels, that have already been tested and proven to have the highest conversion rates so that you don’t have to waste your time and effort testing out your sales pages.
100% Commissions deposited straight into your bank account
Once set up you are free to blog about what ever you like.  You can customise your blog to reflect your primary business.  It’s a great additional way to grow your list and make BIG upfront commission to put money back into marketing your primary business.  It costs just $25= £16 to join and you only need one sign up to the system free

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