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Welcome to Empower Network
This is the hottest Affiliate Marketing program on the planet at the moment. Founders David Wood and David Sharpe stumbled across this method October 2011 and it is flying not only because everything is done and set up for you but their concept that this Internet marketing is for anyone of any level on a computer. Be that you only wish to earn pin money so’s to speak, top up your wage or turn it into big business it is your choice.
This is not a
“Get rich Fast Scheme” this is like any other job and the level of effort you put in is dependent on your results. You are been give a platform  like a finely tuned "Porches"...All you need to do is drive it.
So why pay
$25 = £16 a month? You are paying for the use of Empower Networks name – Servers – Search Engines- Back linking – SEO -training and so much more. You receive a ready made system all singing and dancing ready to go.
So what do you do?
  You write on your blog everyday keeping your blog on the top of the biggest world search engines your blog’s content is entirely up to you any subject or topic that interests you if you have a website or other blogs you can link them to this promoting what you already do driving traffic to your site for more business courtesy of been on the top search engines. Utilise Facebook - Twitter - My Space - Free Advertising countrywide it really is that simple. It is something we have all been doing for years now this is giving you the know how on how to make the money like the above sites that is why they are free for us to use it is the affiliate market that pays for them.
Is this for you?
 I have already made my $25 = £16 in the first 3 days of joining so now I run this programme free.  I spend 3 hrs. each day to blogging and marketing that is it. I now have a strong team I am driven motivated and very positive if this is not you then I can assure you you will also run this programme free but will only earn pin money.
What am I selling?
Nothing I am offering you the chance  to join a strong network of people working the  Affiliate Market  with a ready made system, that pays you directly into your Pay Pal 100% commission all with the same thoughts and ideas as you to make money.
Will it cost you more than $25 = £16 month?
No, everything I use is free on the net from advertising, networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, My Space other affiliate marketing sites (click ads).
About me:
  I have 2 children and live in Ryde on the Isle of Wight. I have no computer skills other than Facebook and Google but I had worked out that affiliate marketing is the way forward to achieving a better lifestyle I have spent the last 2 months trawling Google to basically suss out how to do this. I established I needed a blog or website (blog I had no idea what that was) then it all got very intricate and way too sophisticated for me with search engines, html codes, urls, RSS codes back linking, drivers oh my nightmare began, I looked for web designers and to achieve what I was looking for was in the price range £950 as high as £2,000. I would then need to pay a yearly fee for a domain name and a separate marketing programme to drive traffic at £29.00 per month.  I know the affiliate Marketing is a very easy way to access potentially lots of money very fast but I did need everything in place one evening whilst trawling through the site for web designers I came across the empower network this was the complete system with everything I was buying separately for $25 a month so then no doubt like you I sat and looked for the catches every day for 2 weeks the more I researched  I could not find them so I joined and still now a member there are no catches  and my 3hrs each day pays me very well. I am improving slightly on my computer skills and as part of my team can give you access to many free options available to market this is simply you make money I make money it is in no-one’s best interest to just leave you sat wondering.

I would love to welcome you to my team if you have a positive open mind, some drive motivation and ambition to want to improve your life. I am here making money it is in my best interest that you make money this is a team not solo artists.
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